This blog features the 2013-2014 DYFashion participants hard at work developing their technical skills and building their design sensibility. We will be using this blog not only to record the goings on in our class, but to explore the kind of posts and information we can share through a portfolio blog.

As part of our classroom blog, I wanted to create an example of a post that shows an entire design process.  Here I show the steps my design partner and I take to create a piece from our Spring 2014 Collection.

START WITH ART:  In our clothing line, we always start with art.  The top few images are examples of artwork we create that eventually become our prints.

ADD COLOR AND TEXTURE:  We then search fabrics and trims that have the right weight and feel for the garments we want to create.  We love fabric, so while we often have designs in mind, a fabric might come along with a great texture or color that inspires something totally new!
SILHOUETTE RESEARCH: We use a lot of reference images during our design process.  These images help keep us on track and help us problem solve.  By looking closely at the way garments are made, we come up with ways to design new silhouettes.
 DRAWING: We make tons of sketches and croquis drawings to explore silhouettes and think about the way the fabrics can be used.  We also plan very carefully - we only want to make the most essential pieces, so we draw, edit, re-draw, until we have a grouping we feel covers all our bases.

PROTOTYPES: We sew a number of “drafts” to test out how the style will work in the fabric we are hoping to use.  We might edit the style at this point to better suit the garment.  There are generally 2-3 revisions before we reach the final step.

 FINAL SAMPLE: Finally!  When we have the fabric, the fit, and the style right, we are ready to make a final sample.  We use these final samples to show stores during Market Week.  During this week, stores shop for what they want to carry in the next season.  They make their order, and we then spend the next 3-4 months producing the styles for our store orders.

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